Our ministries offers resources for all ages, whether from kinder on up to youth and adults. Families with newborns and infants are happily accommodated as the main church provides a nursery for those that wish to attend service.

Under the guidance of Pastor Jason Lee the adults are given more detailed studies in their walk with Jesus. Frequently adults might feel they really don’t need any additional study in the Word of God, but this may not be the case.

Pastor Lee teaches more detailed Biblical studies that give the adults a broader and deeper understanding of the Bible and how it affects us. Discipleship Training is held every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM under the guidance of Pastor Jason where they go into much more detail in the study of the Bible. A Bible study is also held on Sunday at 11 AM in the Korean Ministry building that delves more deeply into the books of the Bible. This study is open to all, so please join us.

Our adults also conduct retreats where a time of fellowship and bonding is encouraged. The venue may vary, but the theme remains the same.

Come join us if you are an adult seeking a deeper and more personal understanding of the Bible.

Our Young Adult program is primarily geared for those who have graduated from high school and are either in college or of college age. They meet on Friday evenings at 6:30 PM to study, share their Quiet Time thoughts, and to pray for one another. Their normal service time is with the adults at 9:30 AM, followed by additional study time at 11:00 AM. Each year they also gather for a retreat to continue their studies and to fellowship. The Young Adult program is headed by Pastor Jason, but frequently members of the group will lead study/discussions.

For those young adults that may not feel like they fit in with older adults, yet are too old for the high school crowd, the Young Adult program will fit the bill!

Our Youth program continues to grow through expanded opportunities to develop their understanding of God. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their relationship with God by providing them opportunities to serve in different ways than they have previously experienced.

One of the biggest events afforded all youth is the opportunity to attend World Changers, a yearly mission trip where they learn the true meaning of serving others. Those that choose to accept the challenge are given classes on what to expect and are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities when they serve on these trips. This has proven to be a rewarding experience for all those that choose to attend.

If you’re looking for a dynamic and expanding opportunity for your youth, then please come and visit us this Sunday.

Our Children’s program starts when they enter 1st grade and continues on through 5th grade.

Children begin with praise service at 11:00 AM in the English Ministry building where where we teach them through songs and dances, as well as a short sermon. The songs and dances they learn here they will later perform to their parents during joint worship services.

Following the service they begin their Sunday School where they are given detailed, yet fun, lessons on the Bible. Our classes are all taught by experienced teachers dedicated to teaching the Word of God to our children.

We also provide lock-ins and excursions for the children where they can continue to learn through a fun and exciting setting.

Our Kinder program is designed for those that have outgrown the baby section but are still a bit too young to begin regular Sunday School classes.

This program is designed to teach the children the basics of the Bible through a setting of games and fun activities. The Kinders will also be taught songs and dances that they will be able to perform for their parents at joint worship services.